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 Voice Lessons and Audition Coachings by Traci Kern

Traci Kern Vocal StudioHelping singers find their real, natural voice. No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to learn good technique.

Traci Kern Voice Studio is a private voice studio focused on healthy vocal technique, specializing in classical and musical theater repertoire. Students of Traci Kern Voice Studio range from the beginner to professional singers/actors.

Ages 13-adult

First and foremost, a solid technique of vocal production is the foundation of singing. In this studio, students are taught freedom in the production of sound by using the energy of the entire body, not just the vocal mechanism, in singing. Students are taught that efficient breath management skills are the beginnings of healthy singing. Proper vocal hygiene is also emphasized, as it is a critical element of healthy vocal production.

Lessons will focus on finding your natural voice (not imitating other singers), vocal health, healthy singing technique, correct posture and breathing, performance and movement. Singers will learn to perform a variety of vocal styles, having healthy vocal production as a basis for these styles.

Traci Kern received her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance from the University of South Dakota and my Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Northern Colorado. She has been teaching singers for almost 20 years.

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